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What is Love?

Posted on: January 22, 2009

We are coming up on Valentine’s Day. I have some friends who refuse to celebrate this day, saying that it is nothing but commerical hype. I feel like they are probably right but it still remains my choice to follow the crowd or put my own twist on the holiday. I am a planner, I am most happy when planning some event, a project, a meal, whatever I can get my mitts on that needs planning I guess! My darling husband is not a planner. So last year I took the lead and blew the budget on reservations for a beautiful room in a historical bed & breakfast, and a fantastic dinner at a new-to-us restaurant on the river. I took the time to plan out almost every detail to make that evening the most romantic, intimate, fulfilling date we had ever had. It was wonderful spending that time alone with him. I adore how my husband saves certain behaviors and personality traits for those times when we are on dates. Obviously this is a treasured memory for me and hopefully for him as well.

What has my attention right now though is:In the everyday routine of living, am I truly loving him?

What does real, everyday love look like? If I know nothing else, I know that love lays down it’s life. The more I examine my daily schedule or pathetic lack of one, the less convinced I am that I am truly serving my husband and loving him the way I have the opportunity to.

I’m going to make this a series starting on February 1st running through the 15th. I haven’t done this before but I feel like I’m ready. If you have something from your own life you think would contribute to this theme, please email me at virtuousthreads AT mail2rebecca DOT com.


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aww that sounds great !!!!!

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