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You mean I could’ve slept last night????

Posted on: August 2, 2007

I just found this!

” I hope your sockapalooza socks are on the go too, because there’s only four weeks left! (I’m adding a few more days to the mailing deadline, just to put it on a Tuesday – sort of the unofficial official sockapalooza day. So mailing anytime between August 2nd and August 7th is good.) .”


4 Responses to "You mean I could’ve slept last night????"

but now you can relax because you got them done, right?


Aw, but you’re done now!

Just frog it and start again, just for the fun….. I’M JOKING, don’t do that 🙂

Phew. I thought I was going to be up all night tonight. I’m nearly done with the first one and I’m a quick knitter, so it should be just fine.

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