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My Teaching Schedule

Posted on: November 7, 2006

Okay here’s the final version of my schedule for November.

11/10…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/11…Class Preview and Sign-up (1-4pm)

11/12…Warm Up America Event (1-5)

11/16…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/18…Knit-A-Gift Holiday Workshop (5-8pm)  Beginners Scarves

11/20…Knit Nite (7-9:30pm) at Cappucinno Corner.
11/21…Volunteer Class at Claremore Nursing Home (6:15-7:15pm)
11/24…Crochet 101 (6-8pm)

11/25…Knit-A-Gift Holiday Workshop (5-8pm)  Booga Bags

11/30…Knitting 101 (6-8pm) 

Events in bold are located at the 41st & Yale Michael’s location,  those in italics are located at the 71st & Garnett Michael’s location.  For directions to KnitNite, leave me an comment.

For anyone who’s interested in teaching classes to nursing home residents on a strictly volunteer basis, leave me a comment.


1 Response to "My Teaching Schedule"

Hey Sis,

I am soooo glad that you were able to finalize your schedule! I hope it works out great for you! So are yall have COLD weather yet?????? It is nice and cool here! Very happy since I am pregnant and hotter than a woman in menopause LOL! Love ya!

Lil Sis

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